Content on Internet is the King


Before you begin to think that this is often another SEO technique which will or might not work counting on the present algorithms of the search engines, believe it…


The internet may be a veritable treasure trove of data . Good, bad, valuable or not, the web is all about providing information to people. that’s why smart internet marketers know that folks want information from their websites – not just SEO enriched pages of advertising.

The loopholes that program optimizers are trying to use for top ranking within the program has created a plethora of web sites that boast high keyword ratios, thousands of irrelevant hyperlinks and sometimes even redirection.

These redirected websites attempt to create an optimized website that the program s will rank high but actually redirect the viewer to a less search engine friendly site.

Well, the search engines caught on. The websites that were getting the very best placements weren’t always providing quality information or useful content. In fact, they not only lowered the ranking of those sites – they even removed them from the listings completely.

This sent a blast wave through the web community and smart marketers realized that there’s just one sure thanks to convince the search engines that they were meant to be at the top: Quality Content.

Not only do google loves content, but visitors as well. By providing visitors with useful information and relevant links to other sites, they are available back again and again! And that’s not the sole benefit.

Because website owners are now hungry for content, there’s an enormous marketplace for informative articles that other website owners can use on their sites.

By offering information to those sites in exchange for a hyperlink to your website, you get even more exposure, both to look engines AND customers.

Writing content for the main article directories and including a signature or “about the author” at the top of the article with a link back to your website is one among the simplest ways of generating free website traffic.

If the article is well written and a few strong niche topic, the article will get picked up by many websites for his or her own sites, which may provide you with an exquisite set of viral links to your site. The more frequently your article gets picked up, the more opportunity there’s for an additional webmaster to ascertain it and pick it up, too.

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