HOW-TO Send Your Website A SURGE Of Amazon’s Traffic For FREE!


What I’m close to divulge to you during this article will literally change the way you check out ‘Amazon’ forever. As you recognize , Amazon may be a buyers market place and may be a VERY powerful program for products of all sorts, especially Books. 

Now, you’re may be saying to yourself, ” Well, I have already known that about Amazon, but how could it be I buy my share of Amazon’s traffic?”.

Well, I’m getting to answer that question shortly, but first, here’s just a few of the advantages you’ll receive once you’ve ‘Set-Up’ what I’m close to show you:

 You put  yourself as an Expert within your Niche . You’ll receive Highly Targeted traffic to your site – you will be ready to build a HIGHLY targeted ‘Opt-In’ list Those are very  Powerful benefits wouldn’t you say? And who would  ever guess that Amazon could deliver this to you. 

I only recently learned of this tactic myself from a really documented Internet marketer who was kind enough to share it with me. So now, I’m getting to do an equivalent for you. Are you able to see what Amazon can do for your Business and Credibility? Enough said, lets start .

 Step #1. found out a account with Amazon.

This is the simplest a part of the entire task. Simply attend and found out an account for yourself. This should only take a couple of minutes and is extremely simple .

Step #2. Click on your “Your Name” Store tab.

Once you’ve found out your account you ought to are given a password so as to login to your account. If you are not logged in already, login now. Now, from within the members area there should be a row of tabs at the highest of the members area, click on the one that says “Your Name” Store(ex. ‘Best Store’ tab). This will take you to a special area with a special sub-menu. Click on the tab within the sub-menu that says “About You Area”.

Step #3. Fixing your “About You Area”.

Now this isoften where you’ve got to pay ‘Special Attention’ because this is what people will see once they click on your ‘About You’ tab. Assuming you’re at the ‘About You Area’ you’ll notice that you simply have spots available to place your Picture, Name, Nickname, Email Address, Real Name and About Me. 

Keep going  and fill out all the area’s accept your ‘About Me’. The ‘About Me’ spot is what I’ll mention within the next step, except for now, just fill out all the opposite area’s and if you would like to place up an image of yourself, you can, it’s up to you.

Step #4. Fixing the ‘About Me’ section.

This is probably the only most vital a part of this whole process because this is often where your potential customer will examine who you’re and what you and your business is all about, so please take this very seriously. 

Now, you’ve got about 4,000 characters of space to write down up an outline about who you’re and what your business is about, so its up to you on how long you would like your description to be.

Before you begin writing your description this is often what you’ve got to try to to First within the primary 70 to 80 characters of your ‘About Me’ description and I’ll show you an example of how mine looks so you will be ready to see this in action. (ex. About me: Hi, I’m -your name- and I am the Editor/Publisher of ‘www.your’ which may be a …)

Do you see what I’ve done? I’ve incorporated my ‘Domain Name’ in quotes into my First 70 to 80 characters of my description so once they click on my ‘About Me’ and skim my profile they’ll also see my name , and if they want to seek out out more about me they will either ‘Copy and Paste or Type’ my domain into there browser which can then bring them to my website where they will either ‘Subscribe’ to my newsletter or read my sale copy which can then get them to Opt-In to my newsletter.

This is where the ‘List Building’ starts to require place from the traffic sent through Amazon. Now, we’ve already established that Amazon may be a High Traffic website and now that you’ve got found out your ‘About Me Area’ the way I’ve outlined it above I’m now getting to show you ways to direct Amazon’s traffic to your website.

Step #5. Directing Amazon’s traffic to your website.

This is where the fun starts. And once you see How its done you’ll likely kick yourself within the butt like I did once I was shown How-To do that . What we’d like to try to know is a touch exercise so you will see for yourself how you’ll tap into Amazon’s traffic.

So, we all know that Amazon is best known for Books, so click on the ‘Books’ tab within Amazon’s members area. this may take you to a special page. In the upper left corner you will see a ‘Search Books’ search box. Now, for the aim of this exercise, with great care that we’re on an equivalent page, lets use ‘internet marketing’ because the search term.

So, plow ahead and sort that in and press GO!. You should now see a bunch of listings on books associated with ‘internet marketing’. Within this Product Description page you will find Product Details, Editorial Reviews and most vital of all, All Customer Reviews. 

Thats right, all you would like to try to to is ‘Write Reviews’ on books within your particular Niche and when potential customers are reviewing the book you wrote the review on and that they scroll down and happen to read your review and click on on Your Name to ascertain what you’re all about, guess what they’ll see?

They’ll see your profile together with your Name, Nick Name, eMail Address and your ‘About Me’ description together with your name screaming out at them which may easily be typed into there browser.

There you’ve found  it, ” HOW-TO Send Your Website A SURGE Of Amazon’s Traffic For FREE!”

I honestly hope you would see the benefits of writing reviews and the way it will make you  looking within the eyes of your potential customer. This is an excellent tactic to use if you are looking to determine yourself as an Expert within your Niche and at an equivalent time, build a HIGHLY targeted ‘Opt-In’ list that you simply can market to for years to return .

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